How We AreDifferent

We are uFinance. We started uFinance because we feel like university students aren’t getting the support they need when it comes to financing. Traditional financial institutions often ignore their need – because they have no sustainable income or asset, therefore grouped as unprofitable customers. As a result, there are very few platforms students can turn to. We are setting out to make a difference.

Why we are different from any other short-term lenders you might see on the media.
Here are the key differences:

Founded by Students
uFinance was founded by students, for students. It all started with one of our co-founders who missed his chance to go to Germany for exchange program due to financial difficulties. We want to turn the situation around for students who are in the same boat. University students have the ability to fend for themselves, but they just don’t have a large sum of cash in a short period of time. We provide support and help ease their transition.
Communicate Well
We talk to every university student who came to us for assistance. We analyse their situation, and assist them prior to their situation. We build a trustful relationship with university students by talking to them in person before they sign up to our services, to make sure they understand our services and help them to manage their finances better in the future.
The Only Platform
uFinance is the only student financial support platform that offers loans for students.