Micro Fund alleviates university students’ short-term financial need arising from daily or academic expenses.

Upon successful registration as member at uFinance’s website and submission of required documents, you can apply for Micro Fund. Get your money in as fast as 1 business day (subject to the payee’s bank arrangement).

You can apply for Micro Fund as long as you are a Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above and holding a valid student card issued by tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong.

Micro Fund is interest-free and repayment is accepted anytime one month after the money transferral.

Applicable to All Hong Kong Tertiary Students
Revolving Pocket Money Loan
No Interest Rate
Online Application
No Visit Needed



  1. Approved amount will be increased according to the number of users who have successfully applied for uFinance’s Micro Fund
  2. First Usage Amount: HKD$500 Maximum Amount: HKD$1000

  1. HKID
  2. Student ID
  3. Documents containing your mailing address (ie. School letters, insurance, rent, utility bills, etc.)
  4. A copy of your bank statement for the last 3 months

Users can deposit their payments directly via bank transfer or cash registers. After your repayment, please upload proof of repayment either via uFinance customer support email [email protected] or Whatsapp: +852 6633 9446.

Register account and apply Micro Fund
Upload 4 required Documents
Once your application is complete, you will soon receive your Loan.



uFinance’s Micro Fund does not charge any interest, the user can receive the fund anytime after their last repayment. If the user fails to repay within one month before their deadline, uFinance will charge a monthly overdue handling fee of HKD$24 for Micro Fund application amount of HKD$500, and a monthly overdue handling fee of HKD$48 for Micro Fund application amount of HKD$1000.
  1. Upon receiving and confirming all documents, uFinance will immediately review your documents for eligibility and approval. If your application is approved, your first approved amount will only be HKD$500. After your first successful Micro Fund application and repayment, users can gradually increase their borrowing amount to a maximum of HKD$1000
  2. uFinance’s Micro Fund does not charge any interest or handling fees. Upon receiving the Micro Fund, users can repay anytime within the month that the Micro Fund is received before the repayment deadline. If the user fails to pay before the repayment deadline, the user will be charged a handling fee of HKD$24 for every HKD$500 Micro Fund amount, and HKD$48 for every HKD$1000.