uFinance provides students a safe and low-interest student loan platform, enabling them to seize every opportunity given to them from their university. In addition, students also have the option to choose a maximum of 24 instalment period to reduce their daily expense burden. We understand the invaluable experiences that students gain during their time at university, and therefore hope that we become a platform to enable students to seek for financial support. Moreover, one of our mission is to become a platform for students to seek financial guidance and knowledge, enabling students to learn basic personal financial management skills such as interest calculation, financial assessment and affordability before entering society. These skills are highly demanded and useful in modern society today, and therefore we hope our platform will be able to provide these knowledge for students to invest in their future. 大專生貸款, 大學生貸款, 學生貸款, 學費貸款, 清卡數


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「C」Financial Youth Loan



6 – 24 Months

  1. Tertiary students in Hong Kong
  2. Hong Kong Permanent Resident
  3. 18 years old or older

「uFinance’s Student Loan

HKD$5,000 – $100,000


6 – 24 Months

  1. Tertiary students in Hong Kong
  2. Hong Kong Permanent Resident
  3. 18 years old or older

「H」Bank Personal loan


0.5% ~ 2%

6 – 24 Months

  1. Tertiary students are not allowed
  2. Hong Kong Permanent Resident
  3. 18 years old or older



Hong Kong Baptist University
Academy of Film

Ever since I was young, I knew my passion lies within film. I took part in many different film projects since middle and high school, and was ecstatic when I was accepted to the film program in Hong Kong Baptist University. Currently I am at my final year in university, and the film programme I am in requires me to complete a final year project. I worked day and night to create a script that I was satisfied with and my script was selected by my university to be filmed. However, I lacked the capital to hire actors and staffs and this is why I turned to uFinance to help me raise the necessary funds that I needed to create this film. Thanks to uFinance, I am now one step closer into achieving my dream of becoming a film producer.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Racing Team

One year ago, I accumulated a group of clientele through selling clothes imported from Korea on Facebook and Instagram. Coupled with the marketing experience and insights of my target market, I took what I learnt from my fashion design degree and started my own fashion brand selling clothes and accessories. I created my own brand as a hobby at first but soon I attracted a substantial group of customers in Taiwan. Therefore, this Christmas, I wanted to bring my products and designs to Taiwan and sell them at their local flea market. However, I lacked the fund to finance my travel expenses and to buy for raw materials. uFinance became my solution where I was able to acquire the necessary fund to fund for my travel expenses and raw materials. This trip gave me an invaluable and eye opening experience beyond what I can learn at university or from textbooks – I was able to apply my business and marketing knowledge while also expand my social network via making new friends who are in the Taiwan fashion industry.

Hong Kong Design Institute
Fashion Design

In 2015, sharing the same passion, belief and hope, we built our very own racing team. We decided to enter formula car racing competition held in China as the first car team to ever represent Hong Kong. Our team is made of a group of university students who are passionate about cars and engineering.

On one hand, we recognize that Hong Kong students lack the opportunity to participate or even expose to any kind of big, international competition. Therefore, through taking initiative to plan, organize and manage related activities to gain such exposure and experience, we are trying to use our endeavour to show other fellow students the way, so to speak; we also hope to encourage them to relentlessly and uncompromisingly stay their course of achieving their dreams. We had a lot of difficulties when we first started to build our car team such as funding. But thanks to uFinance, we were able to raise the capital we needed to make our 「impossible」 dream a reality.

Start-Up Beveridge Store in Taiwan

There was this one time I travelled to Taiwan with 3 of my other friends and we walked pass a beveridge store where I saw this drink that changes colour. I still remember my first time seeing this fascinating beveridge to this day, and believe that these type of drinks would potentially sell well in Hong Kong. As a result, upon our return to Hong Kong, my friends and I decided to open a café to sell similar colourful beveridges. || Since I majored in interior design, specializing in furniture arrangements, I designed most of the café’s interior, ranging from flooring, decorations, seating and wall arrangements, etc. My aim for our café’s interior design is to create a relaxing and comfortable environment where people can take a break from their busy city lives. However, when one of our partner wanted out of the business, we lost part of our budget and ran into financial difficulties in trying to fill our lost account. This is when we turned to uFinance to get the funding we needed to solve our financial difficulties, and in addition uFinance helped us analyse our business financial plan and risk. uFinance did not only provide us with the necessary fund to support us, but also served as a general business and financial service platform to help develop our start-up.